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Like I'd ignore the trope.

Their hair isn't technically dyed, just coated in a material that can alter what light wavelength it reflects. And yes, Itsumi's hair is naturally orange.

The limiter device cannot be "teleported" onto Ressura because it would either be sent whole through a subspace tunnel or compressed and reassembled Earth-side by micromachines. In the former case, it can't be specifically materialized onto Ress's body. In the latter case, it'd take a substantial amount of time to build, which is enough time for Ress to bat it away and destroy it. This ain't Star Trek, folks.

The Earth is in danger! A powerful artifact has been stolen from an alien race known as the Iadena and brought to the unsuspecting blue marble! Now, it's up to the tiny Dilalin to get it back! However, due to joy of omnipresent red tape, Dilalin is forced to recruit humans to help her. Gifted with the ability to utilize exotic power these chosen humans wait in suspense for how the tale will unfold!

(I will eventually flesh this out further. For now, just read the comic!)

Eventually, this will be a glossary of terms and sound effects.
  • ami - The French ami, meaning friend.

The Magi Soldat comic series is currently on its third draft. The author-artist started this comic back in 2013 but did not like the direction after about 80 pages. So, the comic was rebooted. This reboot lasted for about 10 pages before the author-artist again decided the direction was not right.

This current 3rd draft represents the truest vision of Magi Soldat in large scale and glorious full color.

If you'd like to read the original two drafts, you are welcome to do so:

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