Magical Girl of Wakkanai: Magi Soldat
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[Page 48] Cops

I'm not exactly happy with the page. But if I don't call it done, it won't ever be done.

The fun part about this page was (with permission/by submission) using friends' OCs as cop characters. But don't expect them to show up again because renting plot armor is expensive! The three lady cops (in order of appearance) are OCs from Adam Ruiz, SweetsParade Mellie, and Funari

The old man is my OC, Takahashi S?jir?. The background guy is nobody. We'll call him Makoto.

The hard part about this page was drawing these characters and not screwing it up horribly. Which, honestly, I'm not too confident about. There were some other technical issues as well but it's not a bad thing if I learn from them, I guess?

I wonder what Zero is....

Important Terms

  • Wakkanai (稚内市 <wakkanai-shi>) - A city in northern Hokkaido, Japan. The primary location where the comic takes place! Also sounds like wakan'nai, slang for "I don't know".
  • Magi Soldat (マジソルダット <majisorudatto>) - The out-of-universe term for our protagonists! In-universe, they just call themselves mahou senshi (magic soldier).

Eventually, this will be a glossary of dialog terms and sound effects.
  • ami - The French ami, meaning friend.

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