Magical Girl of Wakkanai: Magi Soldat
This comic reads right to left.
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[Page 60] Trauma (Part 2)

War is worse than Hell.

Pardon the hiatus between this page and the last. If you didn't notice or don't follow along with my other work, I changed up how I drew, a bit. I no longer use Vector layers in SAI, and thus needed time to figure out how to translate my new style to comic pages.

Also, I took a break to both work on my game project and just enjoy life in general.

Important Terms

  • Wakkanai (稚内市 <wakkanai-shi>) - A city in northern Hokkaido, Japan. The primary location where the comic takes place! Also sounds like wakan'nai, slang for "I don't know".
  • Magi Soldat (マジソルダット <majisorudatto>) - The out-of-universe term for our protagonists! In-universe, they just call themselves mahou senshi (magic soldier).

Eventually, this will be a glossary of dialog terms and sound effects.
  • ami - The French ami, meaning friend.

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